Starting and Stopping IBM Connect:Direct under SMF Control

After the IBM® Connect:Direct® service is under the control of SMF, the service starts when you boot the Solaris system, and stops when you shut down the Solaris system. Examples are provided of basic SMF commands to control the IBM Connect:Direct service. For simplicity, the examples use the FMRI shortcut name connect-direct in place of the full FMRI instance name, svc:application/connect-direct.

If you add service manifest to control IBM Connect:Direct at a later time, use the full FMRI name to avoid ambiguity. The example commands assume that only one FMRI exists for IBM Connect:Direct on this system, so the shortcut name is used.

Note: The stop commands issued from the IBM Connect:Direct CLI stop the IBM Connect:Direct service; however, SMF immediately restarts it. This behavior gives the impression that the stop commands function improperly. To eliminate confusion when you stop the service, advise IBM Connect:Direct users of the following SMF control commands: Starting the Connect:Direct Service, and Stopping the Connect:Direct Service.