Installing Connect:Direct File Agent

After you install IBM® Connect:Direct®, install Connect:Direct File Agent at any time.

To install Connect:Direct File Agent:

  1. Log on to the UNIX system with the privileges required to install software. Do not install as root.
  2. Type the following command and press Enter to change to the directory for your UNIX platform:
    cd /cdrom/<platform directory>

    Refer to the following list for the name of the platform directory for each platform:

    IBM System pSeries


    Red Hat




    Linux zSeries


  3. Type the following command to start the installation and press Enter:
  4. Read the information displayed and press Enter.
  5. Type the path and press Enter. A warning that the directory exists is displayed:
  6. Press Enter to continue. The following message is displayed:
    Installed components detected in this directory.
    A previous version of C:D for UNIX was detected.
    Would you like this procedure to detect and upgrade your currently installed
    options with minimal interaction?
    If yes, the configuration files will be left in place and reused.
    If not, the full installation procedure will prompt to either reuse, or purge
    and rebuild, each configuration file.
    Caution: If you are upgrading from earlier version of C:D for UNIX, 
    existing Processes in the tcq may encounter conversion error. 
    They will need to be deleted and resubmitted.
    Type y or press Enter to continue with the upgrade procedure, or
    type n to run the full installation procedure:[Y/n]
  7. Type n and press Enter. The installation options menu is displayed:
  8. Select 4 and press Enter.
  9. Type the full Connect:Direct for UNIX installation path and filename and press Enter.
    Note: Steps 10 - 14 are applicable if Secure+ is not installed before starting File Agent installation. If Secure+ is already installed, go to Step 15.
  10. If Secure+ is not installed, the following message is displayed. Press y or Enter to continue installation of Secure+.
    File Agent depends upon Secure+,
    which will be installed with File Agent.
    Connect:Direct for UNIX File Agent will be installed
    in your system. Do you want to continue?:[Y/n]
  11. A message appears regarding the amount of disk space required to install Connect:Direct Secure Plus. If sufficient space is available, press Enter. If not, you are prompted to delete enough files to provide the enough space. The installation then exits. After you have cleared enough space, restart the installation.
  12. Press Enter to confirm the installation location.
  13. Press Enter if your node name is displayed. If your node name is not displayed, type your node name and press Enter.
  14. Type a passphrase of at least 32 random characters and press Enter.
  15. Press enter to confirm the installation. If sufficient space is available, the file agent installation begins. If not, you are prompted to delete files to provide the necessary disk space and the installation exits. After you have enough space, restart the installation.
  16. After the installation completes, press Enter to return to the installation menu.