Conventions to Observe When Installing Connect:Direct for UNIX

Observe the following conventions when you install Connect:Direct® for UNIX:

  • Characters used in Netmap Node Names (or Secure+ Node Names or Secure+ Alias Names) should be restricted to A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and @ # $ . _ - to ensure that the entries can be properly managed by Control Center, Sterling Connect:Direct Browser User Interface, or IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct Application Interface for Java™ for Java (AIJ) programs.
  • Acceptable responses to prompts are listed in brackets, where y specifies yes, n specifies no, and a specifies all.
  • The default response is capitalized. Press Enter to accept the default value.
  • Do not use colons (:) for values in the installation and customization scripts.
  • Do not use keywords for values.
  • Press Enter after each entry to continue.
  • Terminate any procedure by pressing Ctrl-C.