The TRACE_STRUCT structure contains the trace information. Use this structure to retrieve the trace information.


 struct Trace_Struct 
	TCHAR cMainLevel; 
	TCHAR cCommLevel; 
	TCHAR cCMgrLevel; 
	TCHAR cPMgrLevel; 
	TCHAR cSMgrLevel; 
	TCHAR cStatLevel; 
	TCHAR szFilesize[MAX_FILENAME+1]; 
	long cbFilesize; 
	BOOL bWrap; 
	BOOL bPNode; 
	BOOL bSNode; 
	int PNums[4]; 
	TCHAR DestNodes[4] [17]; 
 typedef struct Trace_Struct TRACE_STRUCT;


Member Description
cMainLevel MAIN trace level.
cCommLevel The COMM trace level.
cCMgrLevel CMGR trace level.
cPMgrLevel PMGR trace level.
cSMgrLevel The SMGR trace level.
cStatLevel STAT trace level.
szFilename[MAX_FILENAME+1] The trace file name.
cbFilesize The size of the trace file.
bWrap Specifies whether to wrap when cbFile is reached.
bPNode The PNODE trace flag.
bSNode The SNode trace flag.
PNums[8] Specifies an integer array of up to four Process numbers.
PNames[8] [MAX_PROCESS_NAME+1] The string array of Process names.
DestNodes[8] [17] The string array of destination node names.