The NETMAP_PATH_STRUCT structure contains the Netmap path information. Use this structure to retrieve and set the Netmap path information.


 struct Netmap_Path_Struct 
     BOOL bDetail; 
     int Transport; 
     int Adapter; 
     BYTE Address[MAX_ADDRESS]; 
     char CustomQLLC[MAX_CUSTOM_ADDRESS+1]; 
     int Protocol; 
     TCHAR SnaProfileName[MAX_PROFILE_NAME+1]; 
     TCHAR SnaLocalNetId[MAX_LOCALNETID+1]; 
     TCHAR SnaPUName[MAX_PUNAME+1]; 
     TCHAR SnaLUName[MAX_LUNAME+1]; 
     int SnaLULocAddr; 
     int SnaLUSessLimit; 
     int TCPMaxTimeToWait; 
     int DialupHangon; 
     char DialupEntry[MAX_DIALUP_ENTRY+1]; 
     char DialupUserid[MAX_OBJECT_NAME+1]; 
     char DialupPassword[MAX_OBJECT_NAME+1]; 
     TCHAR ModeName[MAX_OBJECT_NAME+1]; 
 typedef struct Netmap_Path_Struct NETMAP_PATH_STRUCT;


Member Description
Name [MAX_OBJECT_NAME+1] The path name.
bDetail The detail flag.
Transport Transport type.
Adapter Specifies the adapter.
Address [MAX_ADDRESS] The adapter address.
CustomQLLC[MAX_CUSTOM_ADDRESS+1] The custom or QLLC adapter address.
Protocol The protocol type.
SnaProfileName[MAX_PROFILE_NAME+1] The SNA profile name.
SnaLocalNetId [MAX_LOCALNETID+1] The SNA local net ID.
SnaPUName [MAX_PUNAME+1] The SNA PU name.
SnaLUName [MAX_LUNAME+1] The SNA LU name.
SnaLULocAddr The SNA LU local address.
SnaLUSessLimit The SNA LU session limit.
TCPMaxTimeToWait TCP maximum time to wait.
DialupHangon Number of seconds to stay connected after dialup hangon completes.
DialupEntry[MAX_DIALUP_ENTRY+1] Dialup entry name.
DialupUserid[MAX_OBJECT_NAME+1] Dialup user ID.
DialupPassword[MAX_OBJECT_NAME+1] Dialup password.
ModeName [MAX_OBJECT_NAME+1] The mode name used by this path.