Starting a Security Trace for the First Time in the DTF

About this task

Note: Once you have completed this procedure, go to Turning a Security Trace On and Off in the DTF After Initial Setup when you need to start a security trace. You do not have to reinitialize IBM® Connect:Direct®.


  1. Specify TRACE=DEBUG as a parameter in your security exit source and reassemble and link-edit the exit.
  2. For IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS® in the IBM Connect:Direct startup JCL, allocate a DD for SECURITY, either to SYSOUT or to a data set on DASD with attributes of RECFM=VBA, LRECL=121, and BLKSIZE=125 or greater.

    To be able to turn security tracing on and off using DEBUG settings, add the DEBUG= parameter to the global initialization parameter data set, and specify 00100000 (or xx1xxxxx where x is any hex value 0-F).

    Note: If you specify Separate trace per task tracing to be done for security traces, all output for the security trace will be routed to the task DD, for example, Rnnnnnnn.

    To turn security tracing off, you can then specify xx0xxxxx using the IBM Connect:Direct MODIFY command to specify the debug setting.

  3. If IBM Connect:Direct is active, stop IBM Connect:Direct. Restart it with the modified JCL startup job, and recreate the problem.