Debug Settings

Use the following debug settings with the:

  • DEBUG=nnnnnnnn initialization parameter
  • BITS.ON=X'nnnnnnnn'
  • BITS.OFF=X'nnnnnnnn'
  • MODIFY command parameters
  • NODE.TRACE.BITSON=(node name,X'nnnnnnnn')
  • NODE.TRACE.BITSOFF=(node name,X'nnnnnnnn')
For each debug bit turned on for a trace, you must allocate the equivalent DD names in the Output DD column to the IBM® Connect:Direct® started task. If you do not specify these DD names in the started task JCL of IBM Connect:Direct, you must allocate them using either the DYN (batch) or DYN (IUI) option described in this section. The one exception is separate trace per task (Rnnnnnnn), which is dynamically allocated by IBM Connect:Direct as required. This trace output is directed to SYSOUT.

For each debug bit turned on for trace using any of the above mentioned methods a new database statistic record type is generated and recorded to diagnose problems and record events. The audit trail can be viewed using the INQUIRE DEBUG command as described the procedures in the following sections.

Example Database Statistic Record Output

This following record displays old and new DEBUG Bits. Note that the mode using which the DEBUG bits were modified that generated this record.
CDZOSA.SDEV1              SELECT STATISTICS              DATE : 04.06.2020

Function     => Debug Record
Date         => 04.06.2020              Time         => 23:46:18
Node Name    => CDZOSA.SDEV1
Process Name => SDEV1                  Process Num  => 3
Set By       => Process                 This Node    => P
Old Bits     => FFFFFEFF                New Bits     => 12345678

The following table shows the available function traces for IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS®, with their respective DEBUG settings, and the DD names (or filenames) used for output. Specify these bits using hexadecimal notation, for example, X'80' plus X'10' would result in X'90' while X'08' plus X'04' would result in X'0C'.

DEBUG Setting Trace Type Output DD
80000000 COPY Routine and RUN TASK trace RADBDD01
08000000 Session manager trace RADBDD05
04000000 Separate trace per task

(Example: “R0000005” to trace TASK 5)

02000000 API session trace RADBDD07
01000000 DMGCBSUB trace RADBDD08
00200000 Make each SVC dump unique N/A
00100000 SECURITY trace control SECURITY
00008000 I/O buffer trace RADBDD21
00004000 WTO all dynamic allocation parameters RADBDD22
00002000 IBM Connect:Direct/Plex traces  
  ACTION queue manager trace CDPLXACT
CKPT queue manager trace CDPLXCKP
TCQ queue manager trace CDPLXTCQ
STATS queue manager trace CDPLXSTA
First REQUEST queue manager trace CDPLXREQ
Second and subsequent REQUEST queue manager trace. For example, “CDPLXR03” traces the third queue manager. CDPLXRnn
JOIN queue manager trace CDPLXJOI
00001000 Workload Balancing trace CDPLXWLB
00000800 zIIP-related trace CDZIIP
00000100 In-storage tracing only
Note: The size of this in-storage table is controlled by the TRACE.BUFFER initialization parameter.
00000080 RPL trace - long
Note: To avoid generating excessive output when you use this trace with a large value for the V2.BUFSIZE initialization parameter, use the short RPL trace.
00000040 RPL trace - short RPLOUT
00000020 Version 2 session trace RADBDD33
00000008 Logon exit trace RADBDD35
00000004 Logon Processor trace RADBDD36
00000002 SCIP exit trace RADBDD37
00000001 SNMP trap trace SCTRAPDD