Secure+ Access File

The Connect:Direct® Secure Plus access file (Secure+ access file) is generated automatically when you create the Secure+ parameters file for the first time. You type a passphrase when you first initialize Connect:Direct Secure Plus. This passphrase is used to generate the keys necessary to encrypt and decrypt the entries in the Secure+ parameters file. The passphrase itself is not retained.

Your Connect:Direct Secure Plus administrator must secure the Secure+ access file (<cdinstall>/ndm/secure+/nodes/.cdspacf).The administrator must have full create and update permissions to update this file. The Connect:Direct server must have read authority. To maintain a secure Secure+ access file, the general user community should not have access permission. This file can be secured with any available file access restriction tool. Availability of the Secure+ access file to unauthorized personnel can compromise the security of data exchange.