IBM Connect:Direct Function Traces

IBM® Connect:Direct® contains various internal traces for diagnosing problems and recording events. Based on the trace specified, the IBM Connect:Direct trace output is directed to various ddnames. You can enable these traces using one of the following methods:

  • Modify the IBM Connect:Direct startup job stream to include the trace files and ddnames for trace output and add the DEBUG=nnnnnnnn parameter to the initialization parameter data set. The traces are turned on during IBM Connect:Direct initialization and continue running until turned off by the MODIFY command or until IBM Connect:Direct is terminated.
  • Issue the IBM Connect:Direct MODIFY command to set DEBUG bits. The trace starts when you issue the MODIFY command. See IBM Connect:Direct MODIFY Command.
  • Reduce the amount of trace information by restricting a trace to a Process (MODIFY Debug = parameter) or a specific node (NODE.TRACE.ON parameter). See IBM Connect:Direct MODIFY Command for more information about these parameters.