The SELECT PROCESS command has the following format and parameters. The required parameters and keywords are in bold print. Default values are underlined.

Note: The syntax and parameters for the VIEW PROCESS command are identical.
Label Command Parameters
(optional) SELect PROCess


View PROCess

  DEST= node | (list)
  PNAME= name | (list)
  PNUMber= number | (list)
  QUEUE= All | queue name
  SERVER= server name
  STATUS= Process status | (list)
  SUBmitter= (node name, user ID)|(list)   )
CASE= Yes | No
FILE | PRint | TABle

The following table describes the parameters.

Parameter Description
   (DEST = node | (list)
    PNAME = name | (list)
    PNUMber = number | (list)
    QUEUE = All | Exec | Hold | PR
               |Timer |Wait          
    STATUS = Process status | (list)
    SERVER = server name | (list)
    SUBmitter = (node name, user ID) |
                 (list) )
Note: PR (Process Retention) requires additional setup, see IBM® Connect:Direct® for z/OS® Administration Guide.
Specifies which Processes to select. Name multiple Processes in the command using the search criteria method described on Setting Selection Criteria . The subparameters PNAME, PNUMber, and SUBmitter are optional, but you must specify at least one.

WHERE is the only required parameter for the SELECT PROCESS command. Not all its subparameters are required.

DEST = node | (list) specifies the destination node name of the Process you are selecting or a list of destinations enclosed in parentheses and separated by commas.

PNAME = name | (list) specifies the name of the Process or a list of Process names enclosed in parentheses and separating by commas.

  PNUMber = number | (list) specifies the number of the Process you are selecting or a list of Process numbers enclosed in parentheses and separated by commas. The range is 1-99999.

QUEUE = All | queue name specifies Process selection based on the TCQ. Values are: All specifies selection of a Process from all queues. This value is the default. queue name can be one of the following:

E = Executing queue
H = Hold queue
T = Timer queue
W = Wait queue

SERVER = server name | (list) selects Processes on the specified IBM Connect:Direct Servers. The server name is a 1-8 character name assigned to each server in a IBM Connect:Direct/Plex through the CDPLEX.SERVER initialization parameter.

STATUS = Process status | (list) specifies Process selection by status value or a list of status values in parentheses separated by commas. Values include:

H = All Held Processes
HC = Held for Call
HE = Held for Error
HI = Held Initially
HO = Held by Operator
HP = Held due to Process error
HR = Held Retain
HS = Held for Suspension
PR = Retained after Execution
R = All Restart Processes
RA = Held for Restart due to Allocation error
RH = Restart Held (may be due to the Intelligent Retry feature)
W = All Waiting Processes (including Retry)
WC = Wait for Connection
WP = Wait for Parsess
WT = Waiting for Transport
WX = Waiting for IBM Connect:Direct Server

SUBmitter = (node name, user ID) | (list) specifies the nodeid and user ID of the user that submitted the Process. Specify a list of SUBmitter IDs by enclosing the IDs in parentheses and separating them by commas.

CASE = Yes | No Specifies whether parameters associated with accounting data, user ID, password, and data set name are case sensitive. The designation refers only to the command, not the Process itself. See Indicating Case Sensitivity for a general overview of case sensitivity. This parameter is optional.
FILE | PRint | TABle Specifies the form in which the information is presented. TABLE is the default. See Indicating Output Destination for detailed information about the output format produced by each of the these parameters. This parameter is optional.