Business Solutions Using ARS

ARS provides data center management with additional tools to monitor and track IBM® Connect:Direct® usage. Use the information in the reports to track attempted security violations, analyze capacity planning related data, examine IBM Connect:Direct utilization, and isolate failed IBM Connect:Direct Processes.

The following table describes how to use ARS.

Function Description
Data Center Management The data center manager wants to keep track of IBM Connect:Direct activities. The IBM Connect:Direct Activity Report lists all Process steps that occurred in this data center during a time period. The IBM Connect:Direct NonPDS Copy Report and IBM Connect:Direct PDS Copy Report provide additional information on all COPY steps performed.
Security Violations A system administrator requests a list of any IBM Connect:Direct-related security violations on a daily basis. The IBM Connect:Direct Security Violations Report lists the following violations:
  • Sign on security failures
  • Processes not run due to lack of authorization
  • Data set access security violations
Capacity Planning The capacity planner at a data center needs to know how many bytes are transferring between this data center and other data centers and the total transmission times. The IBM Connect:Direct Summary Report provides this type of information by remote data center for a specified time period.
IBM Connect:Direct Utilization The data center administrator studies IBM Connect:Direct utilization by examining how many application programs are submitted or invoked using IBM Connect:Direct. The administrator uses this information with a job scheduling system to produce a comprehensive analysis of all jobs run at a data center.

Two ARS reports provide this type of utilization summary.

The IBM Connect:Direct Run Job Report provides information about all jobs submitted by IBM Connect:Direct.

The IBM Connect:Direct Run Task Report provides information about all programs executed under the control of IBM Connect:Direct.

Problem Isolation The IBM Connect:Direct Exception Report is an excellent tool for researching why a Process does not run. This report lists each failed Process for a requested time period along with the reason for the failure.