Using ESS with the CICS API

The CICS API writes event data to the Transient Data Queue (TDQ). Your CICS application must include a program to read these event records from the TDQ and send them for processing..

About this task

To enable a CICS application for ESS:

Warning: Automated Connect:Direct® CICS tasks that are repeated and issue a SIGNON without a SIGNOFF can consume memory and render the interface inactive.


  1. Decide what event data the application requires.
  2. Verify that the Connect:Direct CICS API software is installed and working. Refer to the Connect:Direct installation documentation for information.
  3. Create an ESS registration program. Include this program in the startup portion of your application. It must be called whenever your application wants to initiate event record collection. This program must perform the following:
    • Sign on to the Connect:Direct CICS API.
    • Issue the EVENT SERVICES CREATE command to register interest in receiving event data and to specify event record filter criteria.
    • Specify the ID parameter to identify a subscriber for your application. Specify the WHERE and ORWHERE parameters for filtering criteria.
    • Issue the EVENT SERVICES START command and specify the ID parameter to initiate event reception.
  4. Create a customer interface program to read event records from the CICS TDQ and send them for processing. The sample interface program (DGAQ249) demonstrates how to read an event record from the TDQ. The application must issue an EXEC CICS READQ TD QUEUE instruction.
  5. Modify the application to process the ESS event records.
  6. Embed a call to the EVENT SERVICES STOP ID=subscriber_name parameter in the location to stop collecting event data.