Event Services Support Architecture

ESS uses three components to provide real-time information about IBM® Connect:Direct® activities:

  • Client application
  • API
  • IBM Connect:Direct server

ESS communicates with client application interfaces through the CICS API or an ESS user exit.

The components interact to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Define which events are reported to the client application
  • Turn event services requests on and off
  • Register event data
  • Report event data

The following diagram details ESS with a CICS application using the IBM Connect:Direct CICS API. The structure consists of the following components:

The client application defines the event data requests and issues commands through a user-written program. The DGAE transaction ID causes DGAQ247 to be driven. This sample program demonstrates the method to issue ESS commands.

  • The API receives and passes event data and ESS commands to the IBM Connect:Direct server, and maintains information for the guaranteed delivery feature.
  • The IBM Connect:Direct server is the Data Transmission Facility (DTF) that processes ESS commands and sends the requested event data to the client application through the API.