IBM Connect:Direct IUI ABEND Dumps

About this task

When the IBM® Connect:Direct® abends, a system dump might be required for problem resolution. To obtain a dump of the TSO address space, allocate a SYSMDUMP DD to an appropriately defined data set, and run the ISPF with the TEST option. To send a dump of the IUI to a data set, allocate SYSMDUMP with DISP=MOD to account for the two dumps that IBM Connect:Direct produces.

To recreate an ABEND of the IUI to produce a dump, perform the following steps:


  1. Ensure that the SYSMDUMP DD is allocated.
  2. Reinvoke ISPF with the ISPF TEST command.
  3. To allocate a SYSMDUMP DD, type the following TSO command where filename is a valid DSN name that has LRECL=4160, BLKSIZE=0, and RECFM=FBS.

    The system will determine blocksize, and will prevent short blocks. Generally, 110 cylinders on a 3390 device is enough space for an IUI dump.

  4. When the ABEND message is displayed, press ENTER to produce a dump. Two dump messages (and dumps) are produced. Press PF3/END to bypass the dump.