Viewing the Work Queue Screen

The IBM® Connect:Direct® Work Queue is defined for each node to dispatch IBM Connect:Direct requests and responses. The DTF node configuration file contains information required by the CICS® Interface to manage the DTF VTAM® or ESF sessions. Each WST uses the standard IBM Connect:Direct API to manage the DTF or ESF session.

To access the WORK QUEUE screen for a node where work is being processed, type W and press Enter.

The WORK QUEUE screen fields contain the data describing the tasks in the work queue for each CICS user on a IBM Connect:Direct DTF node. Following is an example of the screen.

                      CONNECT:DIRECT ADMINISTRATION                   10:30:37
                         WORK QUEUE - NODE "nodename"            Page 01 of 01

                     CICS   LAST    CURR        REQUEST                   WORK
-------   --------   ----   -----   ---   -----------------      ------   ----
ID1       ID1        M064   00271    SB   06/21/1998 11:47:13    00282    0346

PF keys:    3 Exit    7 Bwd    8 Fwd    12 Node USER STATUS    ENTER Refresh

Scroll backward using PF7 and forward using PF8 to view the entries. Press PF12 to view to the USER STATUS screen, and then press PF3 to get back to the WORK QUEUE screen.

The system fields are as follows:

Field Description
NODE (16-character field) contains the node name associated with the work queue data.
Page XX of YY (13-character field) contains the number of the current page for the work queue list.
CICS ID (8-character field) contains the CICS userid of the user submitting the work.
USERID (8-character field) contains the CICS userid of the user submitting the work.
CICS TERM (4-character field) contains the terminal ID from which the work is submitted.
LAST TASK# (5-character field) contains the transaction number of the task submitting this request.
CURR CMD (2-character field) contains the representation of the current command executed by the task (for example, CF, SB, SS).
REQUEST DATE/TIME (17-character field) contains the date and time the work is submitted.
TD CTR (5-character field) contains the number of bytes (counted by the transient data counter) indicating how much data is written by the exit module for a transaction.
WORK TASK (4-character field) contains the number of the work task.