Notifying IBM Connect:Direct of Statistics File Archival

The STATISTICS ARCHIVED command notifies IBM® Connect:Direct® that the statistics file is archived. It enables the system to erase and overwrite the file with new records.

When you specify STAT.ARCH.CONFIRM=YES in the DTF initialization parameters, IBM Connect:Direct cannot reuse a statistics file pair until it receives confirmation that the archive is complete. The STATISTICS ARCHIVED command provides an additional means of sending this notification. Ordinarily it is sent by the DGADARRT utility after the archive is done by a IBM Connect:Direct COPY Process, or by the DGADARBT utility after the archive is done by a batch step.

The STATISTICS ARCHIVED command has the following format and associated parameters.

Label Command Parameters
(optional) STATistics ARCHived file pair number

The following parameter is required for the STATISTICS ARCHIVED command:

Parameter Description
file pair number This parameter specifies a number from 1–20 that identifies the statistics file for which archive notification is sent. This number is given as the relative number of the file pair in the file pair list. The first pair in the list is file pair number 1.