Adding a Submit Statement

Use the Submit statement to execute tasks defined in the Process.

To add a Submit statement:

  1. Click on New transfer > Build a transfer > Browse Script to open a Process file.
  2. Under Transfer Settings, select Add Step > Submit.
  3. Select the name of the node where the Process file is located in the Location field. You can submit from the default node or select another node.
  4. In the Filename field, type the full path and Process file name. If you are submitting a Process on a Microsoft Windows node, you can click the browse button to locate the Process file.
  5. To override the Process name, type a 1- to 8-character alphanumeric string in the New Name field.
  6. If you want the Process to execute with a different SNODE, enter or select the SNODE in the SNODE field. The SNODE you define here overrides the SNODE defined in the Process file.
  7. Select Track Execution in Output Window to view activity during execution.
  8. Continue defining the command.