Adding a Run Job Command

The Run Job command executes batch jobs or commands on the specified node.

Jobs submitted using the Run Job command run in the background. The return code associated with the run job statement indicates the success of the Run Job command and not the success of the batch job or command.
Restriction: You cannot execute IBM® Connect:Direct® HP NonStop commands using Run Job.
  1. Click on New transfer > Build a transfer > Browse Script to open a Process file.
  2. Under Transfer Settings, select Add Step > Run Job.
  3. Type the statement label in the Run Job Statement Label field.
  4. Select the node where the job will execute.
  5. Type the Filename based on the operating system used by the node. This field is valid only for the following operating systems:
    • For Microsoft Windows nodes, type Windows.
    • For z/OS nodes, type the data set that contains the job in the format: DATASETNAME | DATASETNAME(MEMBER). The data set and member must be in uppercase. If the data set is a PDS, specify the member. The data set containing the job must exist on the z/OS node where the job will execute. A data set containing JCL is limited to a record length of 80 bytes.
    • For i5 Series nodes, type i5 Series.
    • For UNIX, type dummy.
    • For OpenVMS, type PGM=VMS.
  6. Type any Optional Parameters or Commands.
  7. Click OK.