Specifying Copy To Options

Use the Copy Statement To page to specify options for the platform that you are copying a file to. You are presented with options for the operating system you are copying to.

The following procedure describes the Copy To options for the z/OS platform. See the Connect:Direct® Browser User Interface Help for information about other platforms

  1. Type the Destination File Name. If the file is on the PNODE, you can click to browse to the file.
  2. Type the Data Control Block (DCB).
  3. Select the destination file disposition using the following three subfields:
    • Access
    • Normal Term
    • Abnormal Term
  4. Type the Space value.
  5. Type the Unit address.
  6. Type the Volume number.
  7. Type the Label.
  8. Type the Typekey.
  9. Type the SYSOPTS.
  10. Do one of the following:
    • Click to return to the Process Builder Summary page
    • Click to return to the Process Builder Copy Statement Main Options page.
    • Click to display the Process Builder Copy Statement From Options page.