Output to JES Spool Files

You can also use IBM® Connect:Direct® syntax to direct files transferred through IBM Connect:Direct directly to the JES2/JES3 spool.

Copying a file into the JES spool is controlled through the SYSOUT=(....,....) keyword on the COPY TO Process statement. Keyword and parameter definitions are in COPY TO Syntax to Support Spool Transfer.

You can specify all keywords available on the z/OS JCL SYSOUT DD statement within the IBM Connect:Direct SYSOUT=(...) Process keyword. The format of all subparameters within the IBM Connect:Direct SYSOUT=(...) follows the rules in the OS/390 JCL Reference Guide for that keyword.

Note: You cannot use SYSOUT=class because the IBM Connect:Direct feature requires that you specify all subparameters within parentheses.