After SNMP Setup

At IBM® Connect:Direct® installation, the SNMP trap table is initialized and whenever any event occurs after the SITA628I message is issued, IBM Connect:Direct determines if the event is a trap trigger and issues the appropriate trap to a network manager. The following messages are common at initialization:

  • SITA001I Connect:Direct for z/OS initialization has begun.
  • SITA002I Connect:Direct parameter file allocated and open.
  • SITA022I Loading Connect:Direct modules.
  • SITA601I The TCP server modules are loaded.
  • SITA067I MESSAGE file is open.
  • SITA628I SNMP Trap Agent Initialization Complete.

If any error occurs during initialization of SNMP, the appropriate message is issued to indicate that the SNMP Trap Agent is disabled or that the initialization will terminate.

You can refresh and modify the SNMP initialization parameters after initialization completes by using the MODIFY INITPARM command.