Add a User

About this task

To add a new Connect:Direct® user:


  1. In the Client Connection Utility main window, select the node where you want to add a new user.
  2. Select File > New User to display the User Properties dialog box.
  3. Type information into the following fields:
    • Name—type the name of the new user. Either type the user name as defined in the Microsoft Windows setup, such as lmore, or type a fully qualified user name in the UPN format, such as
    • Password— type the password defined for the user.
    • Verify Password—retype the password defined for the user.
  4. Click Remember Password to automatically reload the password when you attach as this user.
  5. Click Set as the Default User if you want the new user to be the default user for the node.
  6. Click OK to save the settings and close User Properties.
  7. If the verification password you typed does not match the initial password, you receive a message indicating that the passwords do not match. Retype the verification password and click OK.
  8. Select File > Save to save the settings.
    Note: Changes made to node settings are not written to the Registry until you select Save.