IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS Non-PDS Copy Report

The IBM® Connect:Direct® for z/OS® Non-PDS Copy Report provides information about COPY steps involving these transfers:

  • Non-PDS data set <--------> Non-PDS data set
  • Non-PDS data set <--------> PDS data set member
  • PDS data set member <--------> Non-PDS data set

Following is an example of the IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS Non-PDS Copy Report.

This report includes all NonPDS COPY step transmissions for a specified time period. The ARS software sorts COPY information for each SNODE by user ID and then in ascending order by Process number. The following table contains a description of the report fields.

Report Field Descriptions
NODE IBM Connect:Direct node where the statistics file is examined
USERID IBM Connect:Direct user ID
PROC # IBM Connect:Direct Process number
PROC NAME IBM Connect:Direct Process name
STEP NAME Name (or label) assigned to a COPY step
mm/dd/yyyy Date COPY step began executing
PNODE IBM Connect:Direct primary node
SNODE IBM Connect:Direct secondary node
TRANSMISSION TIME Elapsed time between the COPY step start and the COPY step completion
COMPLETION CODE IBM Connect:Direct completion code in hexadecimal format
MSG ID IBM Connect:Direct message ID
message Short message for IBM Connect:Direct message ID
SRC DSNAME Source data set name
DEST DSNAME Destination data set name
REPORT FIELD Description of report
SENDING NODE Name of node sending the data set
RECEIVING NODE Name of node receiving the data set
BYTES READ Number of bytes read by sending node
BYTES WRITTEN Number of bytes written by receiving node
BLOCKS READ Number of blocks read by sending node
BLOCKS WRITTEN Blocks written by receiving node (either blocks or records is displayed)
RECS READ Number of records read by sending node
RECS WRITTEN Number of records written by receiving node
BYTES SENT Number of bytes sent by sending node
BYTES RECEIVED Number of bytes received by receiving node
COMPRESSION% Compression percentage for sending data set
COMPRESSION% Compression percentage for receiving data set
VOLSER Sending volume serial number
VOLSER Receiving volume serial number