ADRDSSU Interface Program (DGADSIOX I/O Exit)

The DGADSIOX I/O exit dynamically invokes the IBM® ADRDSSU utility to enable you to copy:

  • SMS-COMPRESSED data without first uncompressing the data
  • Wildcard-named files

Running Traces for the DMDSSIOX I/O Exit

The DGADSIOX I/O exit automatically logs information to //ADRIOXLG each time the ADRDSSU program is invoked regardless of the DEBUG bit settings. However, to log additional tracing information, use the setting, DEBUG=00008000 or DEBUG=04008000 in the DEBUG DDNames in the IBM Connect:Direct® startup JCL to generate an I/O Buffer Trace or an I/O Buffer Trace combined with a separate trace per task. DGADSIOX I/O exit information logs to Rnnnnnnn while DSS exit information logs to Xnnnnnnn.