Installing Connect:Direct File Agent

About this task

Before you install Connect:Direct® File Agent, review the requirements in Planning for Connect:Direct File Agent. After you customize Connect:Direct File Agent, see the Connect:Direct File Agent Help for configuration instructions.

Note: You must download and store the Connect:Direct File Agent code in the HFS directory prior to executing the DGA#FINS CLIST. This HFS directory path is required as menu input in the DGA#FINS CLIST.

Access to HFS files is controlled by z/OS UNIX System Services, which enables or denies access based on UNIX permission rules. The installer and users of Connect:Direct File Agent must have the appropriate permissions.

To install Connect:Direct File Agent:


  1. To download the Java version of the Connect:Direct File Agent component, log on to IBM Passport Advantage Online and navigate to IBM Connect:Direct Product Updates/Downloads. After you have downloaded and saved the .zip file to your PC, decompress it to get the JAR file.
  2. Upload the FAInstall.jar to an HFS directory using FTP in binary mode.
  3. Execute the installer from a standard OMVS prompt or TELNET session into a UNIX ISHELL environment and enter java -jar FAInstall.jar.
    The installer requires a region of at least 210 MB. If your region is less than the minimum, make arrangements to define a larger region.
  4. Follow the prompts to install Connect:Direct File Agent.
  5. After installing Connect:Direct File Agent, execute the DGA#FINS CLIST to build the appropriate JCL to configure and execute Connect:Direct File Agent in a z/OS environment.