Modifying the Sample Job Stream

Modify the sample job stream in $CD.SDGAJCL(DGAJARS2) in order to customize the job stream with your companies information.

These steps provide line-by-line instructions for modifying the sample job stream. These modifications are also detailed in the $CD.SDGAJCL(DGAJARS2) file.

  1. Modify the job card to uniquely identify your job.
  2. Change $CD.SDGALINK to the appropriate IBM® Connect:Direct® load library name.
  3. Change $CD.SDGAPROC to the appropriate IBM Connect:Direct Process library name.
  4. Change all occurrences of $CDVSAM.MSG to the IBM Connect:Direct message data set name.
  5. Change $UID to your IBM Connect:Direct user ID. Also add the password, if needed.
  6. Change $CDVSAM.NETMAP to your Network Map data set name.
  7. Change all occurrences of $UNITNAME to the valid unit name.
  8. Change $SASPROC to the name of the SAS cataloged procedure used at your installation.
  9. Route the output to one of the two options:
    • Route to the SYSOUT class. Look for FT20F001 DD.
    • Change all occurrences of $OUTPUT.DATASET.NAME to the name of the data set where you route the output. Preallocate this data set as FBA with an LRECL of 240 and BLKSIZE of 3120. Ensure that the data set is empty before running this job. Complete the instructions in Multiple Reports to an Output Data Set.
  10. Change $CD.SDGAMAP to the name of the data set containing the SAS programs.
    Note: If you would like to define the time span that will be reported, modify the SEL Statistics command in the SYSIN stream of the DMBATCH step to include start and stop times. The default is a report on the entire STAT file.