Using Statement Models to Create a Process

About this task

To copy a Process statement model to a new PDS member:


  1. Choose option DF from the Primary Options Menu to view the IBM® Connect:Direct® PROCESS DEFINITION screen.
  2. Type the name of the new PDS member.
    Note: The PUBLIC PROCESS LIB displays the partitioned data set (PDS) allocated by the signon CLIST or the TSO logon procedure.
  3. Type the PROCESS LIBRARY NAME and press Enter.
  4. Type COPY on the command line at the top of the blank member and press Enter.
  5. When the ISPF Edit/View-Copy screen is displayed, type the member name of the PROCESS statement model you want to copy in the DATA SET NAME field and press Enter.

    For example, to create your Process, first copy the PROCESS statement. Specify @PROCESS to use commented models from the PUBLIB, or #PROCESS to use uncommented models in your Process.

  6. To add a statement model, type a in the first column of the last line of the new member and press Enter.
  7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 to copy additional statement models into the member following the PROCESS statement.
  8. Edit the statement model or models for your environment according to the following guidelines:
    • Replace underscores with the appropriate parameter values.
    • Provide an appropriate Process name in the PROCESS statement.
    • Delete all lines that are not applicable.
    • Continuation marks are necessary on all but the last line of each statement model.
    • You can delete comment lines. They are optional.
  9. Press PF3 to save the changes and return to the IBM Connect:Direct PROCESS DEFINITION screen.
  10. Take one of the following actions:
    • To validate the Process without submitting it, type SUBV and press Enter. See the table in Operation for information about the results.
    • To submit the Process, type SUBMIT on the command line and press Enter. See the table in Operation for information about the results