Creating a Statistics Report

About this task

To create a statistics report:


  1. To view statistics, click Statistics.
  2. Click Filter icon on top right to add the filter to apply filters.
  3. To view statistics for all Processes executed over a specific period of time:
    1. Select All Statistics for Last _ hrs.min.
    2. Enter the time period in hours and minutes.
    3. Click OK.
  4. To view only those Processes that meet certain criteria:
    1. Select Filter Using Selection Criteria Pages.
    2. Define the criteria on the remaining property pages.
  5. To view statistics based on step and Process completion only select Step and Process Completion Statistics Only.
  6. To refresh the monitor at specified intervals:
    1. Select Refresh every _ minutes.
    2. Type the interval in minutes (1–60).
  7. To view new statistics that were created since the Statistics Monitor was closed, select Refresh on open.
  8. To view the last statistic as it occurs, select Autoscroll.
  9. If necessary, select the node to monitor in the Node field.
  10. Click OK.