Parameter File Maintenance

The File Menu on the Secure+ Admin Tool: Main Screen contains options for maintaining the parameter file. To open this menu, select File from the action bar and press Enter. The following panel sample shows the available options when a parameter file is already open.

 File  Edit  Help                                                            
+-------------------+  Secure+ Admin Tool: Main Screen              Row 1 of 7
| 1  1. New         | __________________________________________  Scroll CSR 
|    2. Open        |   
|    3. Close       |     Table Line Commands are:                             
|    4. Info        |                                                          
|    *. Report      |     H View History          D Delete node                
|    *. Save Active |     V View node             CL Clone node                            
|    7. Save as...  |                                                          
|    8. Unload      |___________                                                              
|    9. Exit        |                                                          
+-------------------+      Secure+                      External Client        
 LC Node Name         Type Protocol Override Encryption   Auth    Auth         
 -- ----------------  ---- -------- -------- ---------- -------- --------      
 __ .CLIENT            R   *            N         *         *       *                   
 __ .PASSWORD          R   *            *         *         *       *                             
 __ CD.ZOS.LNODE       L   TLSV12       Y         Y         N       Y 
 __ CD.UNIX.RNODE      R   *            *         Y         *       N                
********************************* BOTTOM OF DATA ****************************

The following options are available on the File menu:

  • 1—New (FN) checks if any current table record has been modified and prompts to save, and then the table will be reset to empty. To create a new parameter file, select the Create/Update option on the Edit Menu or the Insert node table line command (see Inserting a Node).
  • 2—Open (FO) displays the File Selection panel which allows you select the parameter file you want to open. For more information, see Opening a Connect:Direct® Secure Plus Parameter File.
  • 3—Close (FC) shuts the File menu allowing you to select options from the Secure+ Admin Tool. Main Screen.
  • 4—Info (FI) displays general information about the IBM Connect:Direct Secure Plus parameter file, such as the version of IBM Connect:Direct Secure Plus that you are using, the name of the parameter file, and the number of remote node records it contains. For more information, see Viewing Information about the Parameter File.
  • 5— Report (FR) produces a report of all entries in the current open Parameter file. Report is generated into a temporary data set for browsing. You can select the data and save in a member for printing.
  • 6—Save Active (FS) allows you to dynamically update records in the parameter file without bringing IBM Connect:Direct down. For more information, see Saving Changes to Node Records Using the Save Active Option.
  • 7—Save as (FA) is the option you use the first time you save the parameter file. Subsequently IBM Connect:Direct must be down to use this option which saves updates to the parameter file and you have to submit the job which restarts IBM Connect:Direct. For more information, see Saving and Submitting the IBM Connect:Direct Secure Plus Parameter File.
  • 8—Unload (FX) retrieves information from the IBM Connect:Direct Secure Plus parameter file and displays it as an ISPF TMP data set on your screen.
  • 9—Exit (FE) takes you out of the Secure+ Admin Tool and displays the Connect:Direct Administrative Options Menu.
Note: The code within the ( ) parameter for example, (FS) is a Fast Path. The code can be directly entered on the Option line to perform its corresponding function without using the menu.