Node Record Maintenance

When you start the Secure Plus Admin Tool, the main screen is displayed.

Secure Plus Admin Tool Main Screen
    File  Edit  Help                                                            
MY_LOCAL              Secure+ Admin Tool: Main Screen               Row 1 of 4                         
Option ===>                                                        Scroll CSR                           
                       Table Line Commands are:                                                       
U Update node           H View History          D  Delete node                                         
I Insert node           V View node             CL Clone node                                          
Node Filter : *                                                                                        
                        Secure+                      External Client                                  
LC Node Name         Type Protocol Override Encryption   Auth    Auth                                   
-- ----------------  ---- -------- -------- ---------- -------- ----------------                                
.CLIENT            R   Disabled     N         *         *       *                                    
.PASSWORD          R   Disabled     *         *         *       *                                    
MY_LOCAL           L   TLSV12       Y         Y         N       Y                                    
MY_REMOTE          R   *            *         Y         *       N                                    
******************************* BOTTOM OF DATA *********************************                         

The following table line commands are available to use on the nodes displayed: