TCP.TIMER = wait time

This parameter specifies the number of seconds that a Process waits on a TCP data read before the Process is cancelled and put in timer retry status.

The number can range from 0–32767. The default value is 300.

Use a value of 60 or greater to keep Processes from waiting indefinitely because of a lost connection.

This parameter can have the following impacts on Processes:

  1. Setting the parameter to 0 causes a Process to become stranded and requires you to manually requeue and restart the Process.
  2. Setting this parameter to a high value (such as 1800 [a half-hour] or 3600 [an hour]) to allow long running tasks to complete prevents any shutdowns during that time. Also, long running tasks tie up communications links and associated resources for the time period. System resources are used more efficiently by breaking a task into smaller units, with a RUN JOB submitting the long running Process.

Modifiable through MODIFY INITPARMS command: NO