STAT.EXCLUDE = (record type list)

This parameter specifies what record types to exclude from the statistics log. The system does not pass excluded records to the statistics exit. The 2-character identifiers specify the record types in the list. Refer to Statistics Records for a complete list of record type identifiers.

You can also selectively exclude using the Statistics exit. See Recording Statistics for Specific Record Types for more information. You can also turn recording of specific record types on and off during DTF execution using the STATISTICS ON/OFF API command.

The following example excludes PDS member records from the statistics log.


Statistics records are often useful or indispensable in debugging problems. Excluding records from the statistics log makes problem determination difficult. Do not exclude the following record types:

Record Type Description
CT Copy Termination
PS Process Submit
PT Process Termination
RJ Run Job
RT Run Task
SW Submit within Process
WO Write to Operator (WTO)

No default exists for this parameter.

Modifiable through MODIFY INITPARMS command: YES