This parameter specifies whether or not IBM® Connect:Direct® uses ENQ on the data set and on the base GDG before allocation to see if another address space or task has this data set or base GDG allocated. This condition applies to output GDG data sets only.


Do not specify both GDGALLOC=GENERATION and GDGENQ=NO. IBM Connect:Direct will change GDGENQ=NO to GDGENQ=YES.

Value Description
YES IBM Connect:Direct performs an ENQ on the entire data set (with the G0000V00 appended to the base GDG name) if the Process is copying to an output GDG data set. The ENQ fails if any job in the system has this data set allocated (including IBM Connect:Direct). Another ENQ is done for the GDG base. This ENQ fails if a different job (excluding IBM Connect:Direct) has any generation of this GDG allocated. If either ENQ fails, the Process is retried according to the ALLOC.CODES, ALLOC.RETRIES, and ALLOC.WAIT initialization parameters. If GDGR is not specified in the ALLOC.CODES, then the Process is not queued for retry.

The ENQs are not done for data set names coded in the Process as data.set.GnnnnVnn, only for data sets that specify a relative generation, such as (+1) (0) or (-1).

NO The GDGENQ parameter is disabled and no ENQ is done for GDG copies. NO=default.

Modifiable through MODIFY INITPARMS command: YES