CRC = (OFF | ON, YES, No)

This parameter specifies whether cyclic redundancy checking (CRC) is performed for TCP/IP connections. The CRC parameter is a 32 bit checksum used by IBM® Connect:Direct® to detect network data corruption which occasionally occurs in IP data networks. If network data corruption is detected, IBM Connect:Direct will stop the Process execution and restart the Process from the last checkpoint record. This provides an extra layer of data integrity when transmitting data over an IP network. You cannot enable CRC checking when running IBM Connect:Direct Secure Plus.

Parameter Description
OFF | ON This parameter specifies whether CRC is ON or OFF for the node. This first positional parameter establishes the default for the node.
YES | No This parameter specifies whether overrides are allowed. You can perform overrides in a Process statement or with a network map parameter.

Modifiable through MODIFY INITPARMS command: YES