CKPT = nK | nM

This parameter enables automatic checkpointing of eligible files if no CKPT keyword is specified on the IBM® Connect:Direct® COPY statement.

See the CKPT.MODE initialization parameter for further details of automatic checkpointing. K means thousands of bytes; M means millions of bytes.

Valid values of n are:

  • 0–2147483K
  • 0–2147M

Setting a value of 0 means no automatic checkpointing.

The default is 10M.

IBM Connect:Direct uses the value specified, rounded to the nearest block boundary, to determine when a checkpoint is taken. The CKPT specification on the IBM Connect:Direct Copy statement always overrides the CKPT initialization parameter value.

Modifiable through MODIFY INITPARMS command: YES
Any error during update cancels all the changes for that particular request.
Note: For sequential files, do not specify a CKPT value less than:

                  BLKSIZE * NCP * 10 * # stripes

where NCP is the number of buffers for reading data from or writing data to a sequential data set using BSAM and # stripes refers to striped extended-format data sets. For more information, see Problems Involving Checkpoints .