The ABEND code list parameter specifies up to 16 system or user ABENDs. This parameter does not apply to RUN TASK ABENDS unless you specify ABEND.CODES.NODUMP for the ABEND.RUNTASK initialization parameter.

When a task ABENDs, IBM® Connect:Direct® searches this list. If the ABEND is found, the dump is suppressed. Use this parameter to prevent dumps on ABEND codes for which you do not need dump information.

Specify system ABEND codes in the list using an S followed by three characters such as SB37.

Specify user ABEND codes in the list using a U followed by four numeric digits such as U4030.

Specify a wildcard masking character in the code using X. Place the X in any position following either the S or U, such as SX37 or U40XX.

Note: It is not necessary to include the following ABEND codes in the ABEND.CODES.NODUMP list because they are suppressed by default: S00C (reason code 4 only), S047, S13E, S222, S422, SA03, U1024, U1025, U1028, SX13, SX37.

Modifiable through MODIFY INITPARMS command: YES.