Web Console Interface

The IBM® Connect:Direct® Web Service extends a light and clean Web-based User Interface (Web Console) to Connect:Direct users to create, submit, and view Connect:Direct processes from a web browser.

The Web Console provides the following features as a standard:
  • A light and clean user interface that presents clear, uncluttered menus and displays.
  • Accessed using a Web browser that connects to Connect:Direct Web Server. For more information on browser support see, Browser Compatibility.

  • Control what information can be amended, and where and how these amendments are made.
    • Example, you can make sure that the user must confirm an operation that is required, or that data has to be changed. Or, add safety by providing a confirmation panel asking the user to confirm that an action is to be performed.
  • An easy-to-use interface to complete operational and administrative tasks necessary to monitor and control Connect:Direct processes.

  • Provides a complete audit trail of data transmission through extensive statistics and logs.

    The Web Console logically bundles all these tasks under the following views:

    • User Functions

      Use the User Functions view to complete Connect:Direct operational tasks.

      The User Functions view includes tabs such as Partners, Transfers, Statistics, and Settings. These tabs have linked menus that facilitate all Connect:Direct operational tasks such as View and Change the network map or initialization parameters. Use File Agent menu in Settings tab to view configuration and to add/edit/delete/view rules. Process Library is also in Settings tab to add/edit/rename/view the process library files.

    • Admin Functions

      Use Admin Functions view to perform tasks such as, Add node information from the IBM Connect:Direct Web Console itself.

    To access the Web Console, complete the Web Services installation and configuration tasks on your preferred Operation System.