POSIX Environment and System Libraries

Install and set up the UNIX System Services (or POSIX) environment before you install IBM® Connect:Direct®. The POSIX requirement and use of C/C++ and LE require that the following data sets be available to IBM Connect:Direct through the STEPLIB or LINKLST. In addition to C/C++ and LE, XPLINK is now required to support the File Accelerator and alters the data set list from previous releases.

  • CEE.SCEERUN (IBM Language Environment)
  • CEE.SCEERUN2 (XPLINK Requirement)
  • CBC.SCLBDLL (C/C++ Run-time)
  • SYS1.SIEALNKE (System SSL Environment)

If IBM Connect:Direct Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) program control is implemented, define these data sets and the IBM Connect:Direct SDGALINK to the program class.