Validating the Configuration

Perform this procedure to ensure that the nodes have been properly configured. The validation process checks each node to ensure that all necessary options have been defined and keys have been exchanged. Perform the following steps to validate the Secure+ parameters file:

  1. From the Secure+ Admin Tool Main Menu, click Validate Secure+ from the File menu. The Secure+ Admin Tool - Validation Results window is displayed.
  2. If the Secure+ parameters file is not correctly configured, warning and error messages are displayed.
  3. Go back to the Secure+ parameters file and make changes to correct each error reported.
  4. Read each warning message. If necessary, change the Secure+ parameters file to correct each warning.

    Warning messages do not always mean that the Secure+ parameters file is configured incorrectly. Some warning messages are informational only.

  5. Click Close to close the Validation Results window.