Validating Configuration Files for Use with Connect:Direct

About this task

After you have customized a file, validate the configuration to ensure that the file can be used with Connect:Direct®. When you validate a file, error messages describe any errors and each error is highlighted so you can easily determine which information must be revised.

To validate a configuration file:


  1. Open the configuration file to validate.
  2. Select Tools > Validate. The file is validated.
    • If no errors are detected, a message indicating this is displayed. Click OK to return to the file.
    • If errors are detected, an error message is displayed with the error identifier and an explanation of the problem. The error is highlighted in the configuration file. Click OK to close the error message.
  3. Edit the configuration information to clear each error.
  4. Repeat this procedure until no errors are returned.
    Note: When you save a configuration file, the Configuration Utility automatically validates it. You cannot save a file if it contains invalid information.