Displaying Message Text

Use the ndmmsg command to display text in the message file. You can display both short and long text.

The following command illustrates the format for ndmmsg:

ndmmsg -f msgfname [-l | -s] msgid1 [msgid2 [msgid3 [...]]]

Following are the parameters for the ndmmsg command. If you do not specify an l or s parameter, both short and long text are displayed.

Parameter Description

Specifies the name of the message file.


Displays the long text of a message.


Displays the short text of a message.

Following is a sample ndmmsg command:

ndmmsg -f /usr/ndmunix/msgfile.cfg XCMG000I

Output from the command is displayed in the following example:

short.text=CMGR RPC call returns NULL
long.text=The ndmapi_sendcmd RPC call made by the API to the CMGR returns a
NULL pointer.There is probably an RPC error.ndm.action=None
user.action=First, check if the ndmcmgr is still running; it could have
been killed accidently.If so, then abort the current CLI and restart the
CLI.  If the same problem occurs again, try to increase the value of wait
time (if set) in the API configuration file (ndmapi.cfg).