Disabling IBM Connect:Direct Secure Plus on an SSL or TLS Node

To disable Connect:Direct® Secure Plus on a SSL or TLS node:


  1. From the Secure+ Admin Tool Main Screen, type U next to the SSL or TLS node to update and press Enter. The Secure+ Create/Update Panel displays the information for the selected node.
  2. Type N beside the Enable SSL and Enable TLS fields. Select OK and press Enter.
    Note: With version 6.3 release, older protocols SSL, TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 are deprecated and are no longer available for selection.
  3. Select OK and press Enter.
  4. Save the IBM Connect:Direct Secure Plus parameter file using the procedure in Saving Changes to Node Records Using the Save Active Option.
    Note: To continue IBM Connect:Direct operations with IBM Connect:Direct Secure Plus disabled, both trading partners must disable IBM Connect:Direct Secure Plus.
  5. You can set Enable Data Encrypt to N but it will be ignored and keep working as Enable Data Encrypt = Y.