Statistics Summary

If you selected S to display a statistics summary, the following Statistics Summary screen is displayed:

        ----------------------STATISTICS SUMMARY---------------         ROW 1 TO 3 OF 3
==>                                                                     SCROLL ===> PAGE
     MSGID      RTNCD       END DATE/TIME        P|SNODE               SERVER
  *  RUN-TASK   TESTMBR2 5                       SC.MVS.QA5A          AS400.CDQA62
        RBELL1                                                             SERVER1
        ARTT003I 000000008 MM/DD/YY HH:MM:SS PNODE
  S   COPY      TESTMBR2 5                       SC.MVS.QA5A          AS400.CDQA62
        RBELL1                                                             SERVER2
        SCPA001I 000000000 MM/DD/YY HH:MM:SS PNODE
      SUB-CMD   TESTMBR2 5                       SC.MVS.QA5A          AS400.CDQA62
        RBELL1                                                             SERVER2
        SSPA001I 000000000 MM/DD/YY HH:MM:SS PNODE
The first and second lines of each entry identify a Process by function, Process name and number, submitter node, other node, and user ID. The third line is the message ID, return code, ending date and time of that Process, P|SNODE, and IBM® Connect:Direct® Server that the Process ran on. The P|SNODE field will have either SNODE or PNODE depending on the record type as follows:
  • Copy Term (CT) ------------- Node type of this record.
  • Process Submit (PS) -------- Node it was submitted on (always PNODE).
  • Process Term (PT) ---------- Node type of this record (always PNODE).
  • Process Term (ZT) ---------- Node type of this record (always SNODE).
  • Run Job (RJ) --------------- Node the job was submitted on.
  • Run Task (RT) -------------- Node the task was run on.
  • Submit within Process (SW) - Node the process was submitted on.

An asterisk (*) before the Process name indicates a nonzero return-code. You can type M next to the Process name to display a description of the message ID associated with the Process as in the following figure.        Connect:Direct (TM) MESSAGE DISPLAY                 hh:mm
 CMD ==>
  MSGID  ==> SVSL003I
  Copy requested DISP=(,CATLG) to already cataloged dataset.
 The PROCESS COPY step requested a DISP=(,CATLG) on the TO
 clause of the COPY statement. The requested dataset already
 exists as a cataloged dataset.
 System Action. The PROCESS COPY step is terminated with a
                completion code of 8.
 Response: Either correct the COPY dataset or uncatalog the
           existing dataset and re-submit the PROCESS.