You may encounter two types of messages: ISPF/PDF and IBM® Connect:Direct® messages.

Message Type Description
ISPF/PDF messages Display at the top of the screen when the value you typed for a field does not pass the editor. You get this kind of message if, for example, you type an alphabetic character in a numeric field. Press PF1 to see a longer explanation of the error or type HELP on the command line and press Enter.
IBM Connect:Direct messages and sense codes Contain a short and long text which explain an error you get when you submit your command. This type of error is indicated by a message ID with the format xxxxnnnx, for example, SVSL003I. You get this error, if, for example, you type an invalid Process name on a SELECT PROCESS command.

IBM Connect:Direct generates a sense code to indicate a connection error involving a netmap. The format for a sense code is SENSnnnn where nnnn is the four-digit number representing the sense code.