Accessing Execution Queue Status on the Operator Table

  1. After you type S at the command line of the Select Process screen, the Operator Table/Executing Queue displays Processes that are currently executing. The Operator Table/ Executing Queue screen shows how much data is transmitted by the COPY step, including:
    • Blocks for block-mode transmissions
    • Records for record-mode transmissions
    • RUs (request/response units)
    • I/O bytes
    • VTAM bytes
    • The compression factor

    The following figure is a sample of the screen and shows that two Processes are executing.                                                      Row 1 to 2 of 2
     -----------------------OPERATOR TABLE/EXECUTING QUEUE-----------
     ==> Q                                                        SCROLL ===>  PAGE
         SERVER    USERID
                BENCHRC        272         Q1A.ZOS.V4600    Q1A.ZOS.V4600    ¬P  EX
         S3        USER01
             Blks       => 6          Recs => 0              RUs  => 173
             I/O bytes  => 177,138                    Compression
             VTAM bytes => 177,152                         Factor => 0.0%
                BENCHRC        272         Q1A.ZOS.V4600    Q1A.ZOS.V4600    EX  EX
         S3        USER01
             Blks       => 7          Recs => 0              RUs  => 174
             I/O bytes  => 195,440                    Compression
             VTAM bytes => 178,176                         Factor => 8.8%
     ******************************* Bottom of data ********************************
  2. Type an option in the OPTION column next to the Process name (PNAME) and press Enter. The following table describes each option.
    Option Description
    P Suspend a Process in the executing queue.
    S Select a Process for detailed display. For more information, see Viewing and Controlling a Process through the Selected Process Screen .