Traceoff Command

The Connect:Direct® server provides a comprehensive trace facility that assists in the diagnosis of problems relating to any facet of the operation of the server. Use the traceoff command to disable a trace started with the traceon command.


The format for the traceoff command follows.

Command Parameter
traceoff [file=filename]
[type=cmgr | pmgr | smgr | comm | (list)]
[dest=destination | (list)]
[pnode | snode]
[pname=process name | (list)]
[pnum=process number | (list)]
Note: The dest, pnode, pname, and pnum parameters are valid for smgr and comm traces only.

Specify one or more of the following parameters to identify the trace to turn off including the output file of the trace, the type of trace, the destination, the node, and the Process name or number.

Parameter Description
file=filename The name of the trace output file. The default is CDTRACE.CDT.
type=cmgr | pmgr | smgr | comm | (list)

Disables traces by type.

cmgr—Traces events relating to the interaction of the server with connected workstations and with the server console.

pmgr—Traces events relating to the manipulation of Connect:Direct Processes.

smgr—Traces events relating to the execution of Connect:Direct Processes and the server's interaction with other Connect:Direct nodes.

comm—Traces only interactions with external communications facilities invoked from Session Manager threads and used to communicate with other Connect:Direct nodes.

Additional Session Manager and Communications Trace Parameters

The following parameters are valid for SMGR and COMM trace types only. The dest, pnode, snode, pname, and pnum parameters are mutually exclusive.

Parameter Description
dest=destination | (list) The destination node name of the Process you want to stop tracing or a list of up to four node names.
pnode | snode

The PNODE or SNODE session managers.

pnode—Disables the trace of all PNODE session managers.

snode—Disables the trace of all SNODE session managers.

pname=process name | (list) The name of the Process or up to four names you want to stop tracing.
pnum=process number | (list) The Process number, up to four Processes, you want to stop tracing.


The following command turns off the full SMGR trace for the Process named payroll.
traceoff type=smgr pname=payroll;