Sample IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS® CLISTs

The IBM® Connect:Direct® sample CLIST library, SDGAOPLS, contains the sample CLISTs included in the following table. Use these CLISTs to build customized IBM Connect:Direct commands with symbolic parameters that allow you to customize the CLIST at submission time. Sample operator commands for each CLIST are listed in the comment section.

CLIST Name Command Description
DGAOCEV SECURE CERTCK Execute the Secure Certck. Performs the Certificate Expiration validation.
DGAOCRF SECURE REFRESH Execute the Secure refresh. Refreshes the SecurePlus SSL/TLS environment.
DGAOCMD CMD Provides a general format for issuing a IBM Connect:Direct command.
DGAODP DELETE PROCESS Shows six ways to delete a Process using this CLIST.
DGAODUMP STOP CD (Force) Stops IBM Connect:Direct using the FORCE parameter and produces abnormal ending (abend) 4095 and a dump.
DGAOIPRM DISPLAY INITPARMS Displays initialization parameters to the operator console. In a PLEX environment, it works as follows:
  • Displays the global initialization parameters
  • Defaults to the manager's local initialization parameters
  • Allows the name of a server to display the server's global and local initialization parameters
DGAOMSG SELECT MSG Shows a detail of the IBM Connect:Direct message requested.
DGAONM SELECT NETMAP Displays entire NETMAP or it allows for one parameter – a node name.
DGAORLSE CHANGE PROCESS Shows three ways to release a Process.
DGAOSOFF SIGNOFF Signs the operator off IBM Connect:Direct.
DGAOSON SIGNON Connects the operator to IBM Connect:Direct.
DGAOSP SELECT PROCESS Shows six ways to display Process status information.
DGAOSS SELECT STATISTICS Shows seven ways to select statistics for display.
DGAOSTAT SELECT STATISTICS Shows three ways to select statistics for display covering a specific time period.
DGAOSTOP STOP CD Stops IBM Connect:Direct using the STOP IMMEDIATE command. To perform an immediate shutdown in a PLEX environment from the operator console, issue the following command: F CD,STOP | CDPLEX. To stop a specific server, use this command: F CD,STOP | WHERE(SERVER=name)
DGAOSUB SUBMIT PROCESS Shows two ways to submit a Process.
DGAOSUSP SUSPEND PROCESS Shows four ways to suspend a Process.
DGAOSWAP SWAP NODE Swaps operator to another node in a multiple session environment.
DGAOTS SELECT TASK Shows active tasks.
DGAOVP VIEW PROCESS Displays a specific Process.