Batch interface job requirements

Batch interface jobs must meet certain requirements.

  • You cannot use Process statements in the job stream. Use the SUBMIT command with a preexisting Process that contains Process statements. The batch job is notified of a successful SUBMIT, but not whether the PROCESS itself is successful. Unless MAXDELAY is used, DGADBATC processing of the SUBMIT is asynchronous.
  • For DGADBATC, specify a region size of 0 megabytes (REGION=0M), especially if you specify MAXDELAY. If you specify a different region size, the DGADBATC job may ABEND with an 878 code.
  • The Processes that you submit using the PROC parameter must be in the IBM® Connect:Direct® Public Process Library, allocated to the DMPUBLIB DD statement in the DGADBATC JCL. If the Process is not in the IBM Connect:Direct Public Process Library, use the DSN parameter of the SUBMIT command to indicate the location of the Process. See Building, Modifying, and Submitting Processes, for the DSN parameter description.

    The IBM Connect:Direct commands that you use in the batch job stream must follow the syntax that is outlined in Writing IBM Connect:Direct Commands.

  • If you are not using the Extended Submit Facility (ESF), the DTFs that you sign on to must be active when you submit the DGADBATC job.
  • You can specify ESF as a SIGNON command parameter. You can only issue SIGNON, SIGNOFF, and SUBMIT commands by using ESF. ESF is only available for Processes you submit on the local node. You cannot use ESF with MAXDELAY.