Installing Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows

Complete the following procedure to perform a basic installation of Connect:Direct® for Microsoft Windows:

  1. If needed, edit the cd_srvr.ini file with a text editor.
  2. Log in to the target server as a Microsoft Windows administrator.
  3. Create a deployment directory on the target system to stage the installation files.
  4. Copy the installation executable file, keycert file, and cd_srvr.ini file (if needed) to the deployment directory. You can optionally put the installation executable file on a network share.
  5. For Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows version or later, run the installation executable with the following syntax:
    <Installation executable name> /v"ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE=SNMP,Symbols 
    CD_SRVR_INI_FILE=\”C:\My Files\cd_srvr.ini\” CD_SOLIDDB_PWD=<password> 
    /qn /l*v C:\Windows\temp\cdinstall.log\" /w /s
    Restriction: If you want to use the cd_srvr.ini file, add it to the command.
  6. Review the log file (C:\Windows\temp\cdinstall.log).