cdinstall_a script operation

cdinstall_a is a script that acts as a “wrapper” script for cdinstall to set up an installation environment. It also starts other installation and customization shell scripts and the following executables: cdinstall, cdcust, ndmxlt, and

The command-line arguments have the same name as the parameters in the options file except the prefix cdai_ is removed. For example, the command-line argument for cdai_installCmd in the options file is --installCmd and cdai_cpioFile becomes --cpioFile.

If you specify both an options file and command-line arguments, then the command-line arguments override the corresponding values in the options file.

Restriction: Different UNIX and Linux operating systems have different command-line length limitations. The best practice for silent installations is to use an options file to specify your parameters instead of the command line.
To start cdinstall_a with an options file, use the following syntax:
$ cdinstall_a –f <options file>
To start cdinstall_a with command-line arguments, refer the following example:
$ cdinstall_a –-installCmd upgrade –-cpioFile <file name> --installDir <CDU install dir>